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Women’s World Cup Final: Spain v England

Women’s World Cup Final: One Game to Immortality After a month of thrilling football, it all comes down...

by tomcleary - August 18, 2023

100 games as captain – Lionel Messi’s greatest moments

Messi’s 5 Greatest Argentina moments Lionel Messi played his 1000th game of his professional career when the Argentine...

by tomcleary - December 14, 2022

England v France Preview

England v France – Quarter Final Collision George III v Napoleon Bonaparte, crumpets v baguettes, beating the Germans...

by tomcleary - December 05, 2022

Top 10 Reasons To Watch The World Cup In The Pub

Top 10 reasons to head to the pub for the World Cup The World Cup in Qatar is...

by tomcleary - November 29, 2022

Wales v England Preview

Wales v England – World Cup 2022 It’s do or die for Wales. The final group games are...

by tomcleary - November 28, 2022

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