Best Pubs Showing the Europa League Near You

Europe’s secondary competition is bound to throw up another year of fantastic action and drama! There are some giant teams in the Europa League this year, such as Liverpool, Ajax, Marseille and Roma. There’s also a bunch of other top sides such as Brighton, Villarreal and Bayer Leverkusen. 

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Find Your Pub Showing The Europa League

The Europa League is a fantastic tournament and as the sides battle to reach Dublin in May, We Love Sport pubs and bars will be there throughout the season for every game. Not only that, we’ll be offering 2-4-1 Heineken pints throughout the tournament! 

2-4-1 BEERS

The Europa League mightn't be the number one tournament in Europe, but it certainly deserves respect. We plan on giving it that respect. With the help of Heineken, we're offering 2-4-1 pints throughout the Europa League season. So, with that in mind, download the We Love Sport app, find your local pub and grab your 2-4-1 drinks as the action unfolds.

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