Top 10 reasons to head to the pub for the World Cup

The World Cup in Qatar is well underway and we've already seen some crazy results. The Argentinians and Germans have had a surprise defeat, whilst England and Spain look incredibly impressive so far. Now, we're all aware its not quite the same as what we're used to. Cold, dark and dreary winter nights are not what World Cup's are meant to be. The short daylight hours and the cold understandably want to make people stay inside. Also, it's not the type of country where its great to travel to and watch England. But, we've got 10 reasons to make it clear We Love Sport pubs and bars are better than both your home and Qatar to watch the 2022 World Cup with We Love Sport.

1. You can drink here!

Let's just address the elephant in the room right away. You CAN in fact drink in We Love Sport pubs and bars. Qatar pulled the plug on drink around the stadiums at the last minute and if you do find pints, you're paying a tenner. We're aware you can of course drink at home, but we all know you can't beat an ice cold draught pint!

2. The atmosphere

The obvious one here is atmosphere. We're not deluded, there's nothing better than being in the stadium for a late winner and you and your pals going wild. For the EURO's last year, loads of people got to a stadium. There are a few thousand English fans out in Qatar, but everyone knows its not the same kind of vibe. That vibe hasn't changed with us. The We Love Sport venue's have kept that wild atmosphere, and as England progress, the atmosphere will get even better!

3. Screens & sound like no other!

At home, you might have a great 4k TV with an incredible sound system. Doesn't matter. We Love Sport venues have the greatest set up in the country. Top quality sound and incredible screens. Yes, screenS. No matter where you look, you'll be able to see the action!

4. Food and drink whilst you're watching

Of course, you can do this at home. Not the same fantastic draughts or great food (which you don't have to put any effort in preparing), but you can do it. However, both in Qatar & in English stadiums, you cannot drink and eat in the stands, something rugby fans take for granted. It's not like that with us though! Ice cold pints the whole way through the game and a selection of fantastic food to watch as the World Cup is going on.

5. Turn up, drink, eat, watch, leave!

The worst thing about hosting parties is the preparations and cleaning up after. You don't have to do that in the pub. You can just rock up and have as much food and drink as you can handle, without having to clean up after yourself! That's obviously not an invitation to ruin any venue you're in, but the knowingness that you can have fun & not worry about afterwards is a huge plus.

6. The social aspect

We're well aware you can socialise at home, and even in Qatar (just be careful). But it's different in the pub. You can grab all your mates for one game and find yourself watching all of them back to back. Then, you're already out. No excuses, you're out for the night! You'll even find yourself with strangers laughing, crying and celebrating with them across the tournament. A sport like no other!

7. The immersive feeling

We've already mentioned the atmosphere, but it really is the next best thing to being in the stadium. At home, you might have a few people, but a We Love Sport venue could have hundreds packed into the one room. The bellowing of the chants, the booing of the opponents, the groans of a missed pass and a celebration of a goal. They're all better when with a load of people. The pub offers you the opportunity to be in stadium atmosphere, just without the £200 ticket in Qatar.

8. Before and after

The pub experience isn't JUST about the football. Many venues have pool tables, slot machines, darts and shuffleboard games that you can play at any point, so you're always entertained. Once the game ends, that doesn't have to be it. In a stadium, you have to leave, at your house people may start leaving. Once you're out, you're out. Pints can flow before and after and the fun doesn't have to stop at the football!

9. The warmest place in the world

Your home might be cosy, Qatar might be hitting 30 degrees, but the pub is the warmest spot in the world. There is nothing that'll quite warm your belly on a cold winter's night like a pub-cooked dinner, a few pints & the football.

10. Preparation for Christmas pints

Christmas is the heaviest period of the year for drinking. Sometimes, you're not even prepared but the next thing you know, you're knocking back five drinks a night for a fortnight. This winter World Cup gives us the opportunity to train the liver for the weeks ahead... we'll need it.


10 great reasons to get to the pub for the World Cup. We Love Sport have the best sports pubs and bars across the country and there is genuinely nowhere better to watch this tournament. Get yourself geared up for Christmas, find your nearest venue & then book your table. Oh, and we don't just do football either. All of these reasons count for every single sport!