Barmy Army x We Love Sport


The digital sports platform has teamed up with the cricket-loving extraordinaries to host unmissable events, competitions and much more for fans across the nation.

Listing over 500 of the UK’s best sports pubs & bars We Love Sport is find you your nearest venue to enjoy this summers Ashes series.

For each test, the Barmy Army will be the host of an Ashes HQ in a We Love Sport venue.
Not going to be in the host city? No problem! Barmy Army and We Love Sport have you covered with 10 Ashes Pub Hubs across the country! Not near an Ashes Pub Hub? No problem, we have over 500 other pubs and bars to pick from!

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Barmy Army Hubs

The Ashes Pub Hubs are in cities up and down the country to give cricket fanatics a dedicated fan zone to enjoy The Ashes live on the big screen in surround sound! Whether the action is in London, Manchester, Leeds or Birmingham, we’ve got you covered across all major cities!

  • London - Clubhouse 5
    London - Clubhouse 5

    In London for the Ashes? Look no further than Clubhouse 5 in Leicester Square. The fantastic bar is your Barmy Army Hub for London!

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  • Bristol - Walkabout
    Bristol - Walkabout

    In the centre of Bristol, Walkabout is ready to welcome you to the Barmy Army hub in the South West of England. Despite their Australian origins, their loyalties are not twisted!

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  • Manchester - Directors Box
    Manchester - Directors Box

    Manchester’s Barmy Army Hub is Directors Box. Not far from Chinatown, Directors Box is the perfect spot to get your Ashes fix throughout all the trials and tribulations of the intense series.

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  • Leeds - Walkabout
    Leeds - Walkabout

    For those in Leeds, the Barmy Army set up shop in Walkabout. Just like Bristol, the guys at Walkabout Leeds are on the side of England in the Ashes and if you’re around, head on down

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  • Southampton - The Bedford
    Southampton - The Bedford

    The Bedford in Southampton is more than ready for the Ashes as the Barmy Army Hub is here! Craft beers, great food and hopefully brilliant celebrations throughout!

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  • Leicester - Soar Point
    Leicester - Soar Point

    Not far from the city centre of Leicester, the Barmy Army Hub is in Soar Point. If you’re not able to get to an Ashes game, then get to Soar Point for the atmosphere!

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  • Liverpool - Yates Queens St.
    Liverpool - Yates Queens St.

    One of the best pubs in Liverpool, the Barmy Army have chosen Yates in Queens Sq. Known for its fantastic party life, there’s nowhere better in Liverpool to celebrate an England win over the Aussies.

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  • Brighton - Walkabout
    Brighton - Walkabout

    If you’re wanting to have the beach feel whilst watching and celebrating the Ashes, head down to Brighton Walkabout. The Barmy Army’s Hub in Brighton is bound to be electric, so don’t miss out.

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  • Nottingham - Huddl
    Nottingham - Huddl

    In the centre of Nottingham, the Barmy Army are heading straight to Huddl! If you’re in the East Midlands looking for a place to call your Ashes home, then look no further as Huddl shows all the action.

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  • Birmingham - Walkabout
    Birmingham - Walkabout

    Walkabout Birmingham is the place to be! If you can’t make Edgbaston (or any other ground), get yourself to the centre of Birmingham and visit the Walkabout as the Barmy Army head to one of four Walkabout based hubs.

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Barmy Army HQ’s & City Guides

Parties, podcasts and hopefully celebrations – the Barmy Army HQ’s are in each test city. They’re going to be where the madness is that The Ashes brings. However, each of these cities are full of pubs and bars to fit all circumstances. We’ve created a city guide for each test and we’re waiting for you to join the party!

Barmy Army HQ's

Birmingham - 1st Test Pub Guide

The first Ashes Test is in Birmingham. The HQ is in Walkabout but we've got a plan for you to enjoy The Ashes to the fullest. The Ultimate Ashes Party will be taking place on the 16th of June too, with tickets available on the Barmy Army page. And keep your eyes peeled, as before the Ashes starts, we'll be giving away some tickets.

Get to grips with Birmingham's pub life
Barmy Army HQ's

Lord's, London - 2nd Test Pub Guide

The 2nd Test is at the Home of Cricket, Lord's. London's a huge old space full of fantastic pubs and bars, but We Love Sport have the best. With the HQ being at Clubhouse 5 in Leicester Square, we've put together a guide for your days in London closer to the ground!

Know your pubs around Lord's
Barmy Army HQ's

Leeds - 3rd Test Pub Guide

For the Headingley test, the Barmy Army's HQ is Walkabout. However, the Leeds party will be all over the city for The Ashes. Right out of the station and all the way up to the ground, we've got some pubs for you to visit, so read the guide so you're familiar!

Leeds Ashes City Guide
Barmy Army HQ's

Manchester - 4th Test Pub Guide

Old Trafford, Manchester is our host for the 4th Ashes Test. Yates Printworks is the Barmy Army HQ, but we've also got a load of other pubs and bars for you to enjoy throughout the Fourth Test.

Read the Manchester City Guide
Barmy Army HQ's

The Oval, London - 5th Test Pub Guide

As The Ashes comes to it's final test, the series heads back to London. Whilst London is a pretty nifty place to get around, we've created a bit of a different guide compared to Lord's. There's plenty around The Oval and we've got the pubs for you! Clubhouse 5 returns as the HQ, with The Ashes Finale Party being held here!

A city guide to The Oval
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