We Love Sport x FanHub 

A dynamic new partnership between We Love Sport and FanHub, igniting your passion for football and the ultimate pub experience on match days. FanHub are on a mission to honour fans for the contribution they make to our beautiful game – and We Love Sport are delighted to be teaming up together to help reward supporters who have been underappreciated for far too long! 

What is the partnership?

Our partnership with FanHub honours and recognises committed fans who invest time and money following their club week in, week out. We’re thrilled to offer fans across the nation free pints in exchange for the points they build up on the FanHub app, That’s right – free pints for supporting your club – does it get any better!? We’re excited to welcome fans to our havens where they can unite on matchdays and redeem their pints!

So, earn your points, jump on We Love Sport & find a place to redeem your rewards. Even if you’re not heading to the game, use the messenger services to find people local to you supporting your team and get down to the pub!

What is We Love Sport?

We Love Sport is the perfect app for combining your sporting needs with your love of the pub. Wherever you are in the country, go onto the app or website and you can find the nearest pub to you. If you’re on an away day or want to cash in your free Carling that you’ve won through FanHub, jump on We Love Sport and find the best place to go! Also, if you’re just looking for somewhere showing another game that isn’t your team, or another sport, use the app to allows you to find your local and book your table online.

Not only that, we work with many brands and run competitions throughout the year where you’re able to win tickets to huge finals and events. By playing simple games, you have the chance to win a few pints or offers to be used in the pubs, just like the free Carling that can be won with FanHub.

This partnership marks just the beginning for We Love Sport and FanHub. Brace for a wave of initiatives that appreciate and honour your contribution to football. Join us as we unveil an array of ideas and rewards. Here’s to the kick-off of an amazing partnership!