We at We Love Sport love to watch football down the pub (hence why we built an app to help you) and now with the help of some juicy research courtesy of NetVoucherCodes we can prove it’s the way to go!

Watching football at home can be expensive and you will need subscriptions to BT Sport and Sky Sports to legally broadcast the majority of football televised in the UK. This can set you back a whopping £69.99 a month. On top of this we are now seeing other broadcasters most notably Amazon Prime trying to get in on the act.

However, the money saving experts at NetVoucherCodes have proven a way to save you money whilst being down the pub with your mates. Hurrah!

They did this by taking the average cost of a pint across England, Wales & Scotland and then estimating that if you have a drink in each half of a big European game midweek and then at weekends to watch your team will set you back on average £60.27 per month. £9.72 less than the monthly Sky Sports and BT Sport subscription at home!

Also, depending on where you reside in the UK you could potentially make further savings.

That’s 8 matches in the pub every month. Check out their full research which shows you the workings.

Let’s be honest though we all knew that watching the footie down the pub is the next best thing to actually being at the stadium. Now, you have the scientific data to prove it’s better for your wallet too!

So grab your mates and head to the pub this weekend to catch all the upcoming live sporting action.

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