As we head into the second weekend of the Premier League season, We Love Sport’s Jonathan Fone looks at the five WORST home kits in the Premier League for the upcoming 2020/21 season. Don’t forget you can find your local pub or bar to catch all the action in via the We Love Sport app!

Don’t get us wrong, we’re a big fan of some of the kits being used in this year’s Premier League season. For others though… that simply isn’t the case. As is the case every single year; we’ll always get some stinkers. This is usually down to kit manufacturers ‘over-thinking’ it, owners looking to re-brand their club, or even as we see (in a few instances this year) a horrid sponsor logo slapped on the front. Any fan of the clubs with kits listed below may very well undoubtedly disagree with our reasoning for disliking the kits, but please, hear us out. Here are our top 5 worst home kits for the premier league 2020/21 season, yuck!

5) Manchester City

As you’ll see as you carry on reading – this won’t be the first time that Puma appear on our stinker list. We’re not completely sure what they were going for with this pattern. Apparently this is supposed to resemble the mosaic works that can be found in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, but to us it looks like the bottom of a swimming pool that you’d find in Magaluf. We wouldn’t be surprised to find a dirty plaster stuck to the back!

4) Chelsea

We considered putting this kit at number 3 of the list, just for a bit of a laugh, can you guess why? Oh yes, the award for most obnoxious and distracting kit sponsor goes to Chelsea with their new Nike kit. In an almost biblical twist of fate – Chelsea started wearing this kit just after the resumption of the Premier League last season due to contractual agreements, and immediately lost 3-0 to Sheffield United. Critics say that they’ll need more than Thiago Silva and Ben Chilwell to try and stop the shirt from becoming a cursed omen!

3) Burnley

Okay, many will feel we’re being a bit harsh by including this one as Burnley haven’t really made any drastic changes to their classic claret and blue top, but the campaign which is supposed to celebrate the club’s 100 years of history is somewhat overshadowed by the dirty great massive betting logo found on the front and sleeve. If increasing the presence of Burnley football club as a brand in Asia is the objective, just also make sure you don’t show them any pictures of what Burnley looks like. (Only joking Burnley, we love you really).

2) Crystal Palace

If there ever was a home kit that looks like a relegation kit, it’s this one. The shirt has completely torn Crystal Palace fan opinions – which is ironic seeing as the campaign launch slogan is ‘These Colours Unite Us All’. Certainly bold and eye catching, but unsettling all at the same time. Sorry Puma, another stinker.

1) West Bromwich Albion

And here we have it, THE worst kit for this year’s Premier League season must go to the baggies. We’re not sure if it’s just us – but we can smell boiled eggs just by looking at the shirt, and it’s far from ideal. Any fan wearing this shirt needs to be ready to set scanners off at the supermarket or at the pub whilst ordering a pint to their table. It’s loud, it’s crazy, a bit like West Brom to be fair, but it’s not for us.

With plenty of Premier League action to come, you’ll be glad you saw these in advance, call it a warning – for your eyes. If you disagree with any of our thoughts or think we’ve missed a trick, why not let us know in the comment section?

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