Our first Wrestlemania preview with TWM Wrestle’s Victoria Tezangi – looking at the best Wrestlemania Women’s matches!

Wrestlemania hasn’t always been great for the female talent of the WWE . On Several occasions’ women were not included on the PPV with no title defences or rivalries showcased on the grandest stage of them all.

However, throughout history we have seen an evolution in how women are used at Wrestlemania and it was only last year that we witnessed history made when female talent main-evented the biggest wrestling event on the calendar.

Now, despite the lack of time and effort over the years we have seen an array of strong and standout performances from the women’s division all of which using the time they did have to put on the best performance they possibly could but just what are the great Wrestlemania women’s matches of all time?

Jazz vs Trish Stratus vs Lita (Wrestlemania 18)

While these three women were not given much time at all here and following such a huge match effected the feel of this bout there can be no denying that the triple threat for the women’s championship between Lita, Trish Stratus and Jazz is one of the best showings the women’s division has had at Wrestlemania. After seeing the female talent not even booked for Mania events throughout most of the nineties this match gave fans hope that things were changing for the women in the company.

The slightly longer showing at Mania and the performance the three women put on in the short time they were given spoke volumes. Put aside Jerry’s “puppies” comment and we have here an important match in the history of women’s wrestling between three all-time greats.

Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Flair (Wrestlemania 35)

While it had its controversial ending (botched ending) and didn’t quite live up to expectations in some areas the historic encounter between Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey will be something fans talk about for many many years. The first-time women had main evented Wrestlemania this was a booking decision so many thought would never happen and the build was fantastic.

While many believed this should have been a one on one between Lynch and Rousey Flair would in fact arguably have the greatest showing of the match at Wrestlemania. What we had here was three of the biggest names not only in women’s wrestling today but of all time and in sports entertainment full stop, putting gender aside completely! Each Woman gave something completely different to the match and there really was so much history between them.

This felt like the right time for women to main event and the right match to do so and while it had its messy moments and disappointments the action was fantastic and fans genuinely were on the edge of their seats as they watched three of the best of the best take the women’s evolution to a whole new standard.

Mickie James vs Trish Stratus (Wrestlemania 22)

One of the most iconic rivalries in women’s wrestling history is without a doubt Mickie James vs Trish Stratus. With Mickie debuting as the latest WWE Divas and expressing her admiration for her idol Trish Stratus a strange obsession grew and would become one of the most memorable and entertaining storylines in the history of the WWE Women’s division.

Their rivalry would reach its peak when the pair collided at the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania on the twenty second anniversary back in two thousand and six. With the WWE Women’s championship on the line this was a huge bout for the female talent and stood out as one of the biggest rivalries and story lines for the division heading into Wrestlemania. The action itself while far from lengthy was longer than most matches we saw from the women at Wrestlemania during this time.

The backstory and build to this match added to why it was so strong and with the early stages dominated by Trish in this encounter it was interesting to see if the all time great would retain or a star would truly be born in Mickie James. After what was a great showing from both women and in fact some great work on targeting the leg of Stratus Mickie James did in fact pick up the victory becoming the brand-new WWE Women’s Champion!

The women were given time and attention during this match and were able to do things throughout the bout that were so rare for female talent at the time. The crowd reaction must also be noted be here.

Charlotte Flair vs Asuka (Wrestlemania 34)

Despite the massively controversial end result that left many fans very frustrated indeed this women’s championship bout between Charlotte Flair and Asuka will forever go down as a Wrestlemania classic.

Again, I do believe this could have been even stronger if the two had been provided with a little bit more time but considering the length fans have been used to seeing for its female talent at Mania Asuka and Flair were given a good amount of time to show why they are two of the best in the industry today.

This went down as a dream match for many years way before it even took place with two of the most dominant women in the WWE coming to blows at the grandest stage of them all being a real treat for fans. Both had different paths, styles and characters and while the build didn’t have a great deal of story to it the angle that saw the undefeated Empress of tomorrow square off against the queen Charlotte Flair sold itself and had fans hooked!

The action showcased the athleticism of Charlotte and the sheer talent of Asuka and was noted as one of the best matches of the evening and the year.

Sasha Banks vs Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch (Wrestlemania 32)

Wrestlemania thirty-two was a big night for women’s wrestling. We saw the divas championship retired and the WWE Women’s Championship arrive on the scene. It was also revealed female talent would no longer be called divas but instead superstars alongside their male colleagues.

One of the biggest and must see matches of the night was without a doubt the triple threat for this new championship with Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and the champion heading into the bout, Charlotte Flair. This went down as one of the longest women’s mania matches to date and from the special entrances’ to the action inside of the ring it was clear that this match was ushering in a brand new era for women’s wrestling and was a key night within the women’s evolution.

The athleticism, the storytelling and the spots performed showcased just how incredible the talent was within the women’s division and each woman competing had their time to shine! The end result sure did divide fans but this bout went down as the strongest of the evening and cemented a huge change for women’s wrestling in the WWE.

Over the years women haven’t had the best showing at Wrestlemania. Female talent went nearly a decade without being showcased on the grandest stage of them all and when they were they were limited to under ten sometimes five minuets but we have seen change and incredible moments. From Chyna wining the women’s championship to Ronda Rousey making her in ring debut to history being made and genuine incredible performances. Wrestling and the WWE has come so far to the point where we are seeing multiple bouts booked for the women’s division and I’m sure in ten years time a list like this will be truly endless.

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