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On the 9th of October, Tyson Fury heads back to the United States of America to fight Deontay Wilder for the third time in the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. This fight sees Fury defend his WBC and Ring Magazine heavyweight titles against the man who he stopped in February 2020, Deontay Wilder.  The Gypsy King and The Bronze Bomber – Once and For All.

This is Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder PART 3!

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It has been nearly three years since Tyson Fury went to America and challenged then-unbeaten WBC champion Deontay Wilder. At the time, the Bronze Bomber was 40-0 with 39 knockouts, whilst Tyson Fury had had two comeback fights after three years off. To many, it was almost certain that Fury would come home defeated. 12 rounds later, where Fury was dropped twice but dominated the fight, The Gypsy King came home with an incredibly controversial draw.

It took 14 months for the two men to finally get back in the ring again, with the pair of them winning 2 fights each in between their bouts. The MGM Grand Garden Arena played host to the super-fight and it did not disappoint. The night (and fight) went down in heavyweight history. After Fury being dropped by Wilder twice in their first outing, many expected Fury’s lights to be put out. This was not the case and Tyson Fury won every round before finally finishing Deontay Wilder on his feet in the 7th round, reclaiming one of the belts he did not actually lose, but vacated.

It seemed that Deontay Wilder’s rematch clause expired, and Fury agreed to fight Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia for the undisputed heavyweight championship. The debate on the rematch clause expiry went to an arbitration judge who decided that the rematch clause was in fact valid. The trilogy was agreed for July 24th, but Team Fury was struck with a COVID outbreak, pushing the fight back to October 9th.

Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder – will it really be different than last time?

This fight is not something that appeals to everyone, for the simple fact that 90% of the boxing world believe it will go exactly like the last one. Most people thought the first fight was relatively one sided (bar the two knockdowns) and there is only one word to describe the second fight: mauling. A lot of people thought that there was never going to be a trilogy because of how easy Fury found the second fight and it took so long for Wilder to show any genuine interest in fighting Fury again.

Tyson Fury thinks it will be easier than the second fight, but Alabama’s own Wilder sees it going completely different. Wilder has named so many outrageous reasons as to why he lost his unbeaten record to Fury and has simply never accepted that Fury is the better man. He claimed his walkout outfit weighed 45 pounds so he was tired, his water was spiked, Fury illegally padded his gloves, the referee. He even went as far as blaming his cornermen, who he has since fired and replaced. The fact of the matter is Deontay Wilder cannot fight on the back foot and that is exactly what Fury made him do last February and will probably make him do again.

Everyone knows for a fact Tyson Fury is a better boxer than Deontay Wilder. He is arguably more technical and slicker than any heavyweight ever, especially for a 19.5 stone 6’9 man. There is one way this fight goes different than the last – Wilder lands a huge right hand and as history shows there is no guarantee that finishes Fury either. In fairness, Wilder’s entire career has been “can he land that right hand?” and with 41 knockouts, he often does and it often lays out his opponent. The Gypsy King is heavy favourite with the bookies, so many people think it will not be different, but that is the beauty of heavyweight boxing.

Fury wins. Then what?

The 17th of May 2021 was a landmark day for heavyweight boxing. After years of speculation and talks, WBC and Ring magazine heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and WBA (super), IBO, IBF and WBO heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua agreed to fight on August 14th in Saudi Arabia in possibly the biggest heavyweight fight ever and the biggest in British history. The fight would have seen one man become the undisputed champion. Then, Wilder showed his face again. The fight was postponed and Fury had to defend against Wilder.

Anthony Joshua did not wait around, he signed to fight Oleksandr Usyk. The generic feeling was that both Joshua and Fury would win their fights and the two Englishmen would meet in early 2022. Usyk did not stick to the script. The Ukrainian dominated Joshua in London and took all of the belts. It is thought the two will now face one another again in Kiev.

It is simple if Fury loses to Wilder: they fight again. If he wins however, there are more questions than answers about what is next. If he beats Wilder, that chapter is completely closed and it is on to the next. Fury has said he only sees himself having 5 more fights at the very maximum. Fury will most likely have to wait, despite him claiming he will fight Dillan Whyte this December. He may decide to wait for the Usyk/Joshua saga to play out and fight for the undisputed title. Fury may decide to fight a mandatory and then fight Anthony Joshua for a big summer showdown in 2022 even if Joshua is not a champion.

Fury is an unpredictable man. Literally, anything he does after this fight will not be a surprise, including hanging up the gloves. Boxing fans would love to see who is the greatest out of Fury, Joshua and Usyk and see who wins the race to undisputed, but British fans would love to see the rivalry between Joshua and Fury reach a definitive ending. Either way, it all depends on whether Tyson Fury can repeat history and defeat the Bronze Bomber, Deontay Wilder.

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