Famous 3 Kings - officially the best place to watch sport in the UK!

Heading into the last three months of the year, we have the Rugby League World Cup, Autumn Nations Series and of course the FIFA World Cup. 2022 has been a great year for sport, but nobody has done a better job of showing it than the Famous 3 Kings in West Kensington. Just recently, the West Kensington based site won 2022’s UK Sports Bar of the Year, which is the fifth year they’ve won the award. Remarkably, the site has won it all 5 years they entered, taking a break in 2019 and the pandemic meant there was no 2020 award. With this, Famous 3 Kings is 5 out of 5 when they enter the competition! Why they won The site is a hit for many sports and has the capability to show 11 different events or games at one time around the venue, with up to 6 individual sound zones at one time too. The unique selling point for the venue however, is it’s ability to cater to an international audience. Not only is the Famous 3 Kings an iconic spot for the natives to London and England, it has many different boxes in languages all over the continent. The venue has the ability to show games in French, Danish and Spanish, amongst a host of other languages. It’s not just that that took the title home again for the venue. General Manager Paul Eastwood has developed a fantastic team from top to bottom which helps the entire venue run smoothly, whatever the event. The Famous 3 Kings has built up a great reputation and is the perfect place to feel welcome and watch whatever sport there is being shown! Famous 3 Kings & We Love Sport It’s an honour that the 5 time UK Sports Bar of the Year is a We Love Sport venue. The aim for We Love Sport is to have our venues filling this list year in year out. The Famous 3 Kings is doing a fantastic job at promoting the values and meeting the aims that we have for our venues. As the year 2022 rolls out, be sure to visit this We Love Sport venue and get a taste of what it is We Love Sport and the Famous 3 Kings have to offer.