The Champions League Final: For All The Marbles

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The Champions League Final is the biggest competition in club sport. This year, the final has outrageous implications for the history of the sport. Manchester City face Inter Milan on June 10th at 8pm. If City win, they become only the second English side to win the illustrious treble, making them the eighth side in Europe to do so.

Inter have plans of their own though & will be hoping to do Manchester United's '99 team a favour by upsetting Guardiola's side. As the season comes to a close, watch the Champions League Final in any We Love Sport pub or bar across the country.

Treble Chasing City

City defeated Manchester United at Wembley last weekend to secure part 2 of the treble. Two goals from captain Ilkay Gundogan were enough to send the red side of the city home unhappy. The 2-1 win was fantastic as arguably it was the harder of the two finals to win. Their spectacular form from the the turn of the year saw them overtake Arsenal and then take the foot off of the gas, but still winning the league.

During that run, the side faced Bayern Munich. After demolishing the side 3-0 at the Etihad, Pep's side showed that they are in their peak now. It's been a long time coming but it seems Erling Haaland really was the final piece of the puzzle, allowing Pep to change to a 3-6-1 formation which nobody has had a true answer for.

After demolishing reigning European champs Real Madrid 4-0, City really put themselves in pole position to do what no English side has done since Manchester United in 1999 - win the treble. It's down to Inter to stop them now...

Is there any hope for Inter?

Well, of course there is! Italian football gets a hard rap. It should be noted that in the three European finals, there is an Italian side - granted, Roma have already lost and Fiorentina may have lost to West Ham by the time Inter face Manchester City, but Inter and Italian football deserves respect. After all, the national side are the reigning champions of Europe.

Inter won the Coppa Italia and came third in the league, with Napoli being runaway winners. Admittedly, their run to the final has been quite "Europa League" standard, with the side knocking out Porto, Benfica & AC Milan, but the fact is they're here and raring to go. Lautaro Martinez has 28 goals in all competitions this year, whilst Lukaku and Dzeko both have 14. Inter also have Nico Barella in their ranks, who is one of the best midfielders on the planet.

Find Your Local Showing The Champions League Final

Lights, Camera, Action

Pep Guardiola's 3-6-1 and Simone Inzaghi's 3-5-2 are going to clash in Turkey. Inter are a relatively safe side whilst City are a team that go from the kill from the off, as we saw against United in the FA Cup Final. It's a tough ask to stop Erling Haaland and the City attack, because there just is so much threat. Stopping Kevin de Bruyne and Ilkay Gundogan minimises the threat, but that's just as tough an ask!

Whilst Inter are a better side than people are giving them credit for, Manchester City are the best side in the world and truthfully have been for the last while. Manchester United fans look away, because your '99 side is about to be overtaken as the best to grace England.

We Love Sport x Champions League

We've absolutely loved this season. It's been long, especially with the World Cup thrown into the middle of it. We've been there for every step of the Champions League (and whole European calendar). Come to a We Love Sport pub or bar to round off this fantastic season, and rest assured we will be back next year to enjoy the best the sport has to offer!

Find Your Local Showing The Champions League Final