Our third Wrestlemania preview with TWM Wrestle’s Shalene Hixon – looking at the 5 best Wrestlemania Moments!

Many different artists have performed on the Grandest Stage of Them All over the years. We’ve heard everything, from country to rock to pop music.

Some performances were pretty good, such as Run-DMC at Wrestlemania V and Snoop Dogg at Wrestlemania 32. Moments like those helped add to the spectacle of their respective show.

There were others, however, that were really bad and extremely forgettable.

So, without further ado, allow me to sarcastically present to you the. . .ahem. . .“best” musical performances at Wrestlemania.

Flo Rida & **Sia** at Wrestlemania 28

Kicking things off is WWE‘s favorite rapper, Flo Rida.

That really isn’t an understatement either; they’ve used some of his songs as themes for their pay-per-views and he has performed at several of their shows. He was also supposed to hold a WWE SummerSlam concert in 2016, but go figure, it was ultimately canceled due to low ticket sales.

But speaking of his performances, his appearance in Miami, Florida at Wrestlemania 28 was quite forgettable. If you go back and re-watch it, he sounds just like he does in the studio! Oh wait, that’s because he lip-synced the entire time and it was blatantly obvious. Don’t worry though, that’ll be a recurring theme in this article.

Also, the stars around Sia’s name in the heading weren’t because of a sticky keyboard. Whoever stood on that stage her, and I’m not sure why WWE thought people wouldn’t notice.

Unfortunately, WWE didn’t learn their lesson, but we’ll get to that later.

The Chris Warren/DX Band at WrestleMania XIV

Next is a very. . .interesting rendition of “America the Beautiful” and “The Star-Spangled Banner”.

Chris Warren was best known for singing DX’s theme and Triple H’s theme, “My Time”. He’s also created WWE ‘s Superstars’ theme in 1997 and a few for TNA in 2007-08.

But his most infamous moment came at Wrestlemania XIV in Boston, Massachusetts. The band’s performance was, “the alternative, nu-wave version” of “America the Beautiful” and our national anthem.

Sometimes different is a good thing, but this was definitely not one of those times. Both fans and critics hated the performance, stating it was disrespectful and in poor taste.

WWE seems to have agreed, as they never released it to home video and edited it out of the replay on the WWE Network. However, a clip still remains on YouTube to this day.

So, watch if you dare and judge for yourself.

Kid Rock at WrestleMania 25

Then we move on to Kid Rock’s performance at Wrestlemania 25 in Houston, Texas.

This one isn’t here because of the performance itself; he’s at least singing and putting forth some effort. No, it’s included because of how long he was on stage.

If you watch it on YouTube, the video is almost 11 minutes. That’s just way too long, especially when you have, oh I don’t know, wrestling matches that need to go on after. The women even start making their way to the ring for their battle royal during the last song.

Who thought giving him that much time was a great idea? If that was the plan all along, they might as well have given him his own concert. But then again, as they learned with Flo Rida, it probably would have backfired quickly.

Pitbull, Flo Rida, Lunchmoney Lewis, & Stephen Marley at WrestleMania 33

Just when you thought WWE moved on from Flo Rida, they brought him back for Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando, Florida. At least they brought other people this time too!

Unfortunately, adding Pitbull, Lunchmoney Lewis, and Stephen Marley didn’t help this performance at all. It was filled with the usual lip-syncing, except worse than before. The song itself drowned out any attempted “singing” that was going on.

At least Pitbull brought some energy, but like most ‘Mania crowds, however, they just weren’t into it. It’s as if they wanted more wrestling matches instead of musical performances.

Lately it seems as if WWE has moved away from Flo Rida, but people probably thought that back at Wrestlemania 28. At this point, he might just show up every few years or so until the end of time.

Motörhead at WrestleMania 17

Ending things here is an entry that is probably a little controversial.

Don’t get me wrong, having Motörhead sing Triple H to the ring is the definition of badass. Just hearing the opening makes you feel like you can run through a brick wall.

But then Lemmy Kilmister started to sing, and that’s when things went downhill. It sounds like gibberish in several parts, as if he forgot the lyrics just before going on stage.

It kind of takes away from it for me personally. However, it’s still a very memorable entrance and one that many fans love to this day.

To be fair, any other lead singer butchering the lyrics would have been an absolute disaster. But Lemmy and Motörhead are cool enough to make this performance sound absolutely epic, gibberish and all!

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